Mild Oxy Combustion for Climate and Air

The scope of the project is a new combustion technology which links advantages of oxy-combustion and mildcombustion and which might be used for CO2 capture in a solid fuels combustion units. Expected advantages of this technology, when comparing with regular oxy-combustion, is increased efficiency of the boiler, increased purity of the CO2 in flue gases and the possibility of applying it in small units, which will allow for CO2 capture in medium and small district heat and combined heat and power plants. This makes the proposal coherent with the topic ?new innovative solutions for CO2 capture?. Moreover it is expected that the concentration of pollutants, especially NO will be limited in flue gases and thus less consumables will be used for post-treatment of flue gases. For example, the amount of NH3 used for SCR technology could be limited or even eliminated and thus all emissions connected with NH3 production could be avoided. This makes the proposal coherent with the topic ?environmental impact?.
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